Craig's List Posting Template

    Use the code bellow and then copy & past it into the body of your posting "Posting Description" and edit the content. Or you can download this html code in a text document bellow. This template can be used for anything on Craig's List not just cars. Just edit it for the posting you have.



<h2>For sale is a 2004 Ford Ranger 4 wheel drive pickup.
<li>Automatic Transmission</li>
<li>Power Windows</li>
<li>Power Door Locks</li>
<li>Low Mileage</li>
</ul></h2><h1>Asking $9000 - Call 260-XXX-XXXX</h1>
<font size="2"> Free Craigslist template from <a href="" target="_blank">Klasic Kumputerz</a></font>


    You generally won't want to edit anything inside a set of brackets <> but if you need a longer list, you can add bullet points just by adding <li> at the front of the line and </li> at the end of the line. Make sure not to remove or edit the </ul> at the end of line.


Adding colored text to your posting


Simple Text Formatting

This is some <b>bold</b> text.

Other ways to emphasize text are <i>italics</> and <u>underline.</u>

It's simple to make text <big>bigger</big> or <small>smaller</small>

<blockquote>Text can be indented</blockquote>

Tags can be <b><i>combined</i></b>, but for best results be sure to <s><big>close tags</big></s> in the opposite order they were opened.

You can <font color="red">change</font> the <font color="green">colors</font> of your text.

(Supported colors: black, blue, fuchsia, green, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, teal.)



    You may also notice the ♥ in the front and rear of the "Posting Title". There are several images that use code to produce images. For example, the heart is made just by typing &hearts; at the beginning of your title. NOTE: if you have to edit your Craigslist post, you will have to retype your image code in the posting title. Codes are below.




Craig's List Posting Template


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