Fixie Bicycle Scam



    There is a huge scam going around Craig's List that surrounds fixie bicycles (Fixed Gear Bicycle). We all know how popular these types of bikes have become in recent years. And the market is now flooded with them. Thus is it is popular to buy good used ones. Fixies are just basically stripped down 10 speed bikes. Most new fixies can be bought for under $350.00 at places like Walmart, KMart, Target etc, but there are expensive ones with fancy rims and carbon fiber parts that can cost over $1000.00.

    The scam is that most people do not know the difference between a $1000.00 bike and and $300.00 bike because they are so light on parts to show which is the $1000.00 bike and which is the $300.00 bike. So the scammer will go out to say Walmart and buy new the $300.00 fixie and take off the reflectors, stickers and logos. And put it on Craig's List for $400.00 to $1000.00 or more. Or put it in the Barter section and ask to trade for high end items. The scammer will then say he doesn't know what make or model the bike is, but that he paid $1000.00 for it or got it as a gift. People fall for this scam all the time. Some of the brands that scammers use are Schwin, Purefix, Thruster, Micargi.

    So if you are being offered a fixie or are looking to buy a used one. If the seller or trader doesn't know the make or model. You can assume that it is a bike worth less than $200.00. You can also compare the pictures of theirs to the makes that I have mentioned here and see of there are any frame, crank, fork, rim etc similarities. And on a side note fixies without brakes are illegal to ride. So be prepared to get a ticket from the police if you are caught riding a fixie without brakes.