Gold And Silver Scam



    There is a huge scam going around Craig's List that surrounds gold and silver. In particular gold and silver jewelry. The scam is that people will go around Craig's List answering gold and silver jewelry posting and offer only the value of gold and silver content. They will offer you less than current market value gold price. So if you have for example posted a nice 14K gold figaro bracelet worth a fair market value of $1000.00 you will get people replying to you offering you less than market value gold content. Say they offer you $200.00. And they claim up and down that it is only worth the gold content. They are not taking in to account its jewelry, artistic or design value. They claim they are just going to melt it down or scrap it. In reality they have no intention of melting it down or scrapping it. The scam is that they them selves want to buy it from you at scrap value and in turn put it back up for sale at fair market jewelry value.

    Gold and silver has a market value and is a publicly traded commodity. So it doesn't matter if someone calls you and tells you your jewelry is only worth so and so amount. So if you get replies asking you how much your jewelry weighs then you can be almost sure they will then reply back with only a below scrap value offer.