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Facebook Connection Error

    It is not technically a IncrediMail issue. It is a Facebook issue. From time to time Facebook shuts off or blocks third party software from connecting to Facebook. So IncrediMail needs to develop a new API to be able to connect to Facebook. In order to do that Facebook needs to supply IncrediMail with the ability to be able to connect to Facebook.



IncrediMail Virus Detected

  IncrediMail does not have any viruses. Many security software will flag IncrediMail as a "Risk" or "Potential Risk" or "Threat". That just means that your security software cannot specifically classify IncrediMail as any specific virus. So your security software assigns the risk with a "Generic" risk name. This is a false positive. Email software is software that sends and receives information (Email). That is the whole purpose of security software. To detect things that send a receive information. You ill need to set your security software to ignore IncrediMail and "White List" IncrediMail in your security software.



Downloading Duplicate Emails

  Duplicate emails has nothing to do with IncrediMail. It is an issue with your email service on the server side. You will need to log into your email via the web and delete emails or move them to a new folder. Most email systems you can create new storage folders and name then what ever you want. "Old Email" for example. And then take the duplicate emails you r getting and move them to the new created folder.



 How To Change Text Sizes And Fonts

   To change the text size on received emails click on "View" on the tool bar at the top of IncrediMail and sub select "Zoom". And click on desired text size. Default is 100%. To change the text of an outgoing email. Open a blank new email to be sent. You can manually select the font, text size, bold, italic, underlined etc from the third tool bar at the top. To set a text for every email open a blank new email to be sent. Click the font selector from the third tool bar at the top and select "Set My Favorite Font". Make your selections from the drop down menus. And check mark "Always use my favorite font when composing a new message". And click "OK".



Opening Attachments  

    Email software does not open attachments. Software related to your attachments installed on your computer opens attachments. Such as pictures, zip files, exe etc.



IncrediMail Company And Life Time Subscriptions   

    The IncrediMail Co has changed hands and was sold to a different company. There are no longer Life Time subscriptions.



Free Version Of IncrediMail And Plus Features   

    The free version does not work with Plus features. You cannot use Gold Gallery items or skins on the free version.



Setting Up Your Email Account

  If you are having issues with setting up your email. You can set up your email in Windows Live Mail first and make sure it works correctly. Then open IncrediMail and import the account from the "Tools" menu at the tool bar at the top of IncrediMail. Then click "Email accounts" then click "Add". Then follow the prompts.



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If you would like any further help with tips please feel free to email me.



Updated 11/20/14 3:58 PM