Invicta Watch Scam



    There is a huge scam going around Craig's List that surrounds Invicta watches. We all know how popular these types of watches have become in recent years. And the market is now flooded with them. Thus is it is popular to buy good used ones or so called new in the box ones on Craig's List.

    The scam is that most people do not know the retail value of the watches. For some reason Invicta watches have a very high MSRP. For example a watch might have a MSRP of say $899.00 but the store will sell it for $128.00 retail. So the scammer will go out and buy new for $128.00 retail and put it on Craig's List for $400.00 to $600.00 or more. Or put it in the Barter section and ask to trade for high end items. People fall for this scam all the time.

    So if you are being offered an Invicta watch or are looking to buy a used one or so called new in the box one. Do your research on the particular model number of the watch.