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Disk space 1 GB NEW
Double the storage!
Email/attachment size limits

Huge attachments!

Inbound mail scanned for Viruses!  
POP3 access  
POP3 over SSL  
IMAP access
IMAP over SSL  
Modern Web based access  
SMTP access  
SMTP over SSL  
Customizable AntiSpam filtering  


Risk free 14 day guarantee!

A POP3/IMAP email account gives you access to your email through means via the internet. Your current ISP supplies you with one and sometimes several POP accounts depending upon the company. Many times it is very expensive to add email accounts with your provider.

That is where we step in. What we have done is allowed you to set up a POP3/IMAP email account through Usermail.com to allow you to maintain a constant email address whether you change Internet Service Providers or just can not trust the email service they provide.

We do not sell the lists of our customers, require you to fill out a questionnaire about your spending habits, nor do we tolerate companies that spam our customers. This allows you to use email for what it was meant to be used for and not a commercial pitch every time you log on.

This is great for business and every POP3/IMAP account is password protected. We also provide our secure SMTP server, and alternate ports so you may send through our servers from most ISPs. Where else can you get all this with anti spam and anti virus filtering!

Limit one 14 day refund per person or billing account.