Ustream Producer


    To use Ustream Producer open it and a window for your Ustream username and password will come up. Input you username and password and check mark “Remember Username” if you like. Or leave it un checked if you have more than one Ustream account. From the main Producer window you can set up your video and audio devices by clicking “Live Input”. Simply put a check mark on the devices you want selected for you stream. You may also set your “Camera Aspect Ratio” form the same settings pane. You can adjust you audio setting by clicking the on the far right for volume, mute and speaker/headphone. You can adjust your video output size and quality by click the white gear at the top right. Adjust the video output size and quality according to your internet upload speed. To add a media shot click on “Media”. To display your desk top click on “Screencast”. To ad a picture click on a shot in the shots pane and then click “Picture”. To play an audio file click on a show in the shots pane and then click “Sound”. To ad a PiP click on a shot in the shots pane and then click “PiP”. To select a Transition click on the Transition drop down menu. To change a shots options such as “Title”, “Foreground”, “Scene”, “Background”, “Audio”, “Channels A, B, C”, “Media”, “Effects”, “Playback”, “Motion” double click the shot. To display your chat click on the white human figure. At the top left there is more menu system options that are basically the same as the ones in the main window. To update your Show Status type what you want at the top input field and click “Update”. To adjust the size of the shots in the shot pane click and drag the slider at the bottom right.


    The basic screen shots bellow will show you how to use Ustream Producer.


Type in your Ustream log in username and password

Here is the main Ustream Producer Window

    Here you can set up your stream settings like Status Update, quality settings, volume, devices, Media, Screencast Pip etc.

Here is the Quality Settings

Here are the menu items

Here you can see from clicking "Live Input" the items that you will have for available devices depending on your computers specifications. Simply check mark the ones you want.

Here in "Media" you can add media shots to your shots pane.

Here is how to set up and use Screencast Desktop Presenter. Make sure you allow any security software to access it.

Here in "Picture" you can select a picture shot

Here in "Sound" you can select a sound shot

Here in "Transition" you can select a shot transition

Here in you can adjust volume, mute and output. Adjust the volume by moving the slider up or down

Here in "PiP" you can select a shot and adjust settings